Simplify the serving experience with Tray Bien

Sell more drinks, faster

  • Serve and clear more high-margin beverages by serving more drinks at once. In addition to six slots for wine glasses, beer pints, and cocktail glasses, the tray's center can be used for small dishes, bottles, or shot glasses—particularly on the Tray Bien: Black version, which has a nonskid center specially designed based on user feedback
  • Move fast and fearlessYou don't hold your wine glass by the bottom, so why should your serving tray? Tray Bien's intuitive design helps keep your drinks stable, even in a crowded restaurant
  • Clean it easilyOur lightweight material is dishwasher-safe and manufactured in the USA

Avoid the "oops"

  • Save money when you don't have to replace all that shattered glassware
  • Preserve your reputationhelp avoid spilling drinks on your customers

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