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Meet the passion behind Tray Bien: Co-founders Shinri and Krystyna

Shinri Kamei (Tokyo, Japan) is an engineering major at Dartmouth concentrating in electrical engineering. When not working on Tray Bien, she serves as the co-captain of the Women’s Club Volleyball team and served as the project leader for Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering’s Hydropower Team, with which she traveled to Rwanda her freshman summer. Last year, she also traveled to Peru as a Paganucci Fellow with the Tuck School of Business, serving as a consultant for an NGO that specializes in bringing innovative technologies to rural populations. Shinri also enjoys riding around campus on her massive bike, carrying friends on the back.

Contact: shinri@traybiensolutions.com


Krystyna Miles (North Salem, NY) is an engineering major at Dartmouth concentrating in mechanical engineering, with a minor in astronomy. In addition to working on Tray Bien, Krystyna has done ice core research for the past two years with Professor Mary Albert. During her freshman summer, she traveled across the country on the biodiesel-powered Big Green Bus with eleven other Dartmouth students listening to stories of community-specific environmental justice issues. Krystyna was a member of the varsity women’s squash team, and now plays on club tennis. She also loves taking part in the Beekeeping Association at Dartmouth’s Organic Farm.

Contact: krystyna@traybiensolutions.com