Tray Bien Grows 100%

With orders up and the demand for trays on the rise, Shinri and Krystyna decided it was time to expand—so they brought on two more student engineers. Let’s give a warm welcome to Sophie and Cecilia!

To get the new team members to demonstrate their Tray love, the co-founders asked Sophie and Cecilia to introduce themselves to you.

Sophie Sheeline

Major: Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Human-Centered Design

Favorite thing she's ever designed: Sienteni, inspired by Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Favorite alternate use of a Tray Bien tray: dance prop

Sophie hails from San Francisco, CA, where she currently interns as a mechanical engineer at Synapse Product Development. When it comes to Tray Bien, she loves working on a team of four female engineers, who basically do everything—from research to design to manufacturing and sales. She loves getting her hands on new materials, and is excited to join Tray Bien as a product developer where she can use everything she’s learned in classes and internships. Right now, she's gathering user feedback and working alongside manufacturers to develop our next tray.

“A big moment for me was going on a manufacturing trip and talking to our manufacturers about all the different materials and how each way of processing might affect the tray,” she said. “It’s really exciting—since we’re four full-time students trying to make something, I think people are really excited to help us. We’re learning a ton from plastics experts who don't have any reason to help, but who wanted to because they saw how excited we are.”


Cecilia Robinson

Major: Engineering and English

Favorite thing she's ever read: "The Loch Ness Monster's Song" by Edwin Morgan

Favorite alternate use of a Tray Bien tray: plant potholder

Originally from Montgomery, AL, Cecilia is currently interning at Success Academy Charter Schools as a Creative Content intern. She's psyched to join Tray Bien as the marketing guru. After representing Tray Bien at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show in May, she knew she wanted to do more; and as a creative writer, she hopes she can contribute to spreading Tray Bien’s story. Currently, she's building out Tray Bien's social media presence and email campaigns to get the word out.

“Honestly, just seeing how excited people are about the trays – not just because we’re students and they feel sorry for us, not just because we’re women in engineering, but because they love to use the tray themselves – that meant a lot to me. We’ve gotten such great feedback from people who say it makes their lives easier, and that’s really what makes our hard work worth it.”

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